Steak Guide
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Top tips for selecting & cooking steak!


Source high quality, Better quality meat is worth every cent
Fat &Marbling – essential for most steaks, more marbled steaks will retain flavour & juicyness even when cooked well done. Leaner steaks are best served medium rare to prevent drying during cooking.
Knowledge – Talk to your butcher, tell them what you want to achieve from the steak & they will advice what is the best cut for you.


Invest in a thick, heavy bottomed pan, griddle or BBQ.
Always allow steaks to come to room temperature before cooking
Oil & season your steak not your pan. We recommend rapeseed oil, sea salt & black pepper. Marinades can also be used if desired.
Seal your steak on the pan at a very high heat, lower heat & cook as desired. Steaks on the bone or extremely thick can be finished in a pre heated oven.
Adding garlic butter & fresh herbs such as rosemary or thyme to the pan during cooking will enhance flavours
Allow steak to rest for a minimum of 5 minutes once cooked, it will continue to cook once removed from the pan.

Round Steak

Lean throughout, suitable for casseroles & slow cooking. Makes beautiful stew or braised steak.


The classic steak, tender & juicy with a nice outer fat covering.

T Bone Steak

The striploin & fillet of beef joined by a T shaped bone this steak gives an excellent balance of tenderness & flavour. Suitable for quick cooking & beautiful on the BBQ.

Feather Blade

Traditionally slow cooked steak but more recently the steak is being seemed out & cooked quick to a medium rare finish. Very lean with an intense beefy flavour.

Cote De Beouf

The bone in rib or tomahawk when the bone is left longer. Perfect for sharing & is well marbled & very tender. Sear on high heat & oven or bbq finish.

Rib Eye

 Marbled & with a little fat centre these are the real steak lovers choice. Juicy & tender even when cooked medium well.


Very versatile steak suitable for frying or grilling. Lean with a nice outer fat covering. Makes excellent stir fry or steak sandwiches.
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